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Share The Sunlight
was originally produced in 1981 by K and R Music, Trumansburg, NY. These songs were written as a response to a series of national workshops held in 1980 under the sponsorship of the Hunger Task Force of the Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church. In June of 1989, the songs were used in Children of the Earth, the premiere performance of the Children's Theater in Lviv, Ukraine.

Song List

Share The Sunlight
Time For Singing
Long, Long Ago
Sweet Cider
Who Decides?
A Place In The Choir*
Peanut Butter
Magic Penny*
Kristen's Song
Jesse Tree
Lilies of the Field
Ten Penny Nail
Feed My Lambs

*Magic Penny was written by Malvina Reynolds, 1955, Northern Music Company. A Place in the Choir was written by Bill Stains, 1978 by Mineral River Music.

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